On bad taste

I watched The Proposal tonight. It was on the telly, I was in front of it. It made sense. It reminded me of a statement my mother made a couple of weeks ago ‘I was watching a movie with Sandra Bullock. Really funny, I can’t remember the name. She was chasing around a guy called Steve’…

My mother and I don’t always agree when it comes to films. She genuinely wanted to see Jack and Jill at the cinema, because she thought it looked good.

She watches things over and over. For years it was Walk the Line, then Brigadoon. I quite enjoyed Walk the Line… the first time I saw it. Despite my deep abiding love of MGM musicals, I always found Brigadoon a bit dull. But it’s the repetition I can’t fathom.

I spent most of my teen years on the internet. My life was less Skins, more IT Crowd, despite my technical know-how being in deficit. As a pop culture buff, I was always looking up the movies, television programs and music I loved. I’d join message boards or communities, but I never became involved. I could never write the fan fiction or deep analyses because I just couldn’t stay engaged for that long. I always wanted something new. Even if it wasn’t as stellar as the last discovery.

I loved We Need to Talk About Kevin, but I’d rather see Jack and Jill than watch it again.

I don’t know how I feel about that. It helps that I do get genuine enjoyment from seeing films explicitly in order to hate them.


About ducksandsunshine

Some say blogs are paradigms of self-indulgence and narcissism. I'm plenty of those things, but I mostly prefer to spend my not-actually-free hours playing Words With Friends. I like comedy, films, music, long reads and refined sugars.
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