Sarina was born on ANZAC Day of 1991 in Armidale, New South Wales.

In 1992 she did very little. Probably a lot of crying.

She still gets teary with excessive ease. Like, preview of The Terminal (which is not a film about a cancer patient) ease.

She is at the University of Melbourne, where she columns and sub-edits for Farrago, and sits on Students’ Council. She studies Media and Communications, which is predominantly dreadful.

She likes the place where feminism and pop culture meet. She columns for lip about it.

She is annoyed by the preposition ending that sentence.

She was in the 2012 Law Revue, where she wrote about breasts and sitting on lettuces, and rolled around on the floor cackling.

She has the general mix of little self-esteem and big ego.



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