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The Clientele – Saturday

I haven’t been very… interested in anything this year. Well, except food. I can count the pieces of media I’ve really enjoyed on a couple of hands. I didn’t read a book for six months, and made it through films … Continue reading

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Yarn Clusterbombing: a non-knitter explains how people are like wool

Noticing a ball of wool isn’t just wound like a yo yo in first position can be an epiphanical experience for a kid. It’s like drawing your first picture where hair doesn’t fall in two neat strands down either side … Continue reading

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Community 101: Sarina really likes writing cinema essays

So, at this time last year, I was writing an essay on Community, I still think it’s one of my better efforts. My marks agree, and sometimes people ask to see it. Cultural theorists such as Jameson, Corrigan and Baudrillard … Continue reading

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Subs ‘n’ Tubs

I subedit for the University of Melbourne mag, Farrago. Fortunately, I’m rarely asked to come up with titles. I find it a very enjoyable role. It’s so easy to make little tweaks that markedly improve others’ writing. It’s not to … Continue reading

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Fuck yer normal

So, I’m not science-minded, but one thing I gather is that the aim of life, in biological terms, is making more life. Cell division. We evolve, we get stronger, we finesse shit down to make sure the cells we’re perpetuating … Continue reading

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A union, a council, an Independent Media, and where I fit’n’sit

Usually when I write, I like to offer some measure of entertainment. I find the things I have written about below interesting, but if you’re not a student at the University of Melbourne, or a student politician elsewhere, you probably … Continue reading

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This would sound more sincere if not written in February…

I really dislike flowers. I don’t like the smell, is the big problem. I don’t like it coming from the flowers themselves or from perfumes or air fresheners. I bought a lavender macaron last month and it tasted like eating … Continue reading

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